Quick cloud customer service, Whole-hearted service help mobile tour operators

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Quick cloud customer service

Whole-hearted service help mobile tour operators

With the continuous expansion of the game industry, China has been promoted to the largest game market in the world with a market size of 24.4 billion U.S. dollars, of which mobile terminals are called upon to reach 10 billion U.S. dollars. Although mobile gaming industry is hot and developing rapidly. Various problems have arisen due to the imperfect service. The hardware requirements of the resulting Caton, the game's operating experience, big R and small R's game balance, high concurrency period of coping skills, the player's customer service experience, have become the key to the development of game operators. Only improve the services to firmly grasp the players, and travel profits continue to grow.

In addition to Tencent, Netease and other handicapped game manufacturers, will pay attention to the customer service experience of mobile games, other mobile games can be said to be in the "streaking" state, most of the simple and crude mobile games in the game left customer service Phone, QQ, QQ group contact information, the player through several ways to contact customer service, resulting in difficult feedback to players, customer service workload, difficult to maintain the relationship between the player and other issues. A minor part of the game will access some well-known customer service system in the market, trying to solve the problem through the third-party platform. Everyone knows that R & D costs are high, but these third-party products are not games. Most of them can only meet the basic requirements Player feedback, there are no targeted functional modules. R & D spend a lot of time and money to access, but the overall experience is extremely poor.






The disadvantage of the game industry customer service is very obvious, the problem is mainly concentrated in four parts:

1.using third-party customer service system, the game data cannot get through. Can not be based on the actual situation of the players under the right medicine.

2.customer services and the two players are very high cost of communication, unable to contact each other at any time.

3.large game player bases, line up more, leading to ineffective customer service replies, the player satisfaction is low.

4.traditional artificial quality controls, monitoring surface is small, not targeted, low quality inspection, it is difficult to really find the problem.

Quick cloud customer service came into being!

Quick Cloud customer service 9 major advantages 16 features to help you quickly build a sound customer service system to solve all the pain points of the game industry customer service. Then Xiaobian will take you to a brief look at Quick Cloud customer service nine major product advantages and 16 features it!

Quick cloud customer service nine major product advantages

         1.Help CP improve service efficiency, real-time communication to create the game value

2. Set up a relationship chain between players and game to establish a more friendly customer relationship

3. Reasonable distribution of personnel, work order problems, customer service performance at a glance

4. A full range of player information, so that employees understand the player

5 convenient self-service, the player can solve the problem themselves

6. All-round data analysis, effectively optimizes the quality of team service

7. Fully adapted to multi-language environment, see game can also be used

8. Multiple sets of skin fit, combined with the game style

Quick cloud customer service 16 features

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