The quality of "points" to "seconds" has been improved in an all-round way

QuickSDK | 2016-10-27 | 新闻动态

Recently, QuickSDK's products have been fully upgraded. Speed version of the packaging tool came into being. Following QuickSDK on-line, has covered more than 350 channels at home and abroad, access to thousands of mobile game, water quickly exceeded 2 billion! In more than a year and hundreds of CP, channel technology exchange, in the process of its own products to complement the magnificent transformation.


The upgrade brought 6 great surprise, namely the speed of packaging tools speed version, game player preferences map, third-party SDK components, full support for H5 game, operating data query APP-Q assistance and help center fully open. For developers to reduce R & D costs and docking costs, the real full-channel mobile game distribution. 

Speed out of the package, "points" to "second" qualitative change!

The speed of the package tool once again break out of the package, achievement "points" to "second" qualitative change, the channel out of the package into the "second" level! 300MB channel package production only 40 seconds. Package efficiency doubled, save a lot for the CP package time cost!


Data analysis of the background, tracking game player preferences map!

Depth analysis of game data, real-time presentation of the source and attributes of players, players information more comprehensive. The product and operation classmates can not only view the data profile of the general direction of the game but also understand the game player's user attributes and preferences to help them find the transformation breakthrough point and optimization point as soon as possible so as to improve the game experience and adjust the operation strategy .


Third-party functional components, formally launched!

Third-party SDK component features are now accessible, including: SDKs for advertising, push, statistics, sharing and other well-known platforms. Developers can choose based on game need, after which QuickSDK will automatically test the components of the third-party SDK. Avoid developer access to other functional SDK R & D costs. Simply plug in the QuickSDK and all third-party component resources will need to be fully automated.



Check the game data anytime, anywhere!

QuickSDK also introduced a mobile client "Little Q Assistant" to keep the game data in one hand, including a number of key indicators such as new users, active users, Top Channels, operational status and so on. Allows you to get first-hand data of game operations anytime, anywhere.



SDK diversification, help H5 game!

In order to meet the horizontal development of mobile game ecosystem, this version has fully supported H5 games and boosted the development of H5 games.


Channel incurable diseases, pour help!

This QuickSDK will be fully open to help center. We have served more than 1,000 CPs in more than a year and solved tens of thousands of channel SDK problems. This includes various issues such as technology in the docking process, auditing specifications on the shelves, and compiling solutions to hundreds of frequently asked questions to help CP users avoid detours and ensure 100% channel bag adoption.