QuickSDK fully supports H5 game

QuickSDK | 2017-04-05 | 新闻动态

QuickSDK fully supports H5 game

H5 game is a light mobile application mode, with no need to download, click and play, easy to spread characteristics. Since 2016, H5 game has started to experience a fast-growing blowout period. There are reports that in 2014, H5 games market size of 60 million yuan; 2015 H5 games market size of 220 million yuan, the size of the user 175 million, the number of games over 3,000 models; by 2016, H5 games market has achieved 11 The scale of 100 million yuan, the number of users exceeded 269 million, the number of games for the 5800 models. However, with the continuous development of H5 game, its own advantages and disadvantages have become more apparent. That H5 game in the end what problems? Will usher in the opportunities again?

The advantages and disadvantages are obvious

Disadvantage then gradually resolved








H5 discussed the pros and cons of the two sides, then now we come to understand how to promote the next H5 games, marketing for the existing ways to promote, mainly in advertising, travel platform, the major application store these three:


Mainly to the advertising platform, to sell advertising traffic for a living, because these users attribute itself is relatively scattered, although it seems a huge base, high exposure, but in fact the game conversion rate is low, the ability to pay low.

2. Page tour platform

To the traditional page tour platform based on the transition to doing H5 game, although these platforms, but the user property page is small, the user fee is poor.

3.major application store

Mainly in the application store, popular from the 15-year H5 game became popular, the major application stores have noticed the piece of fat H5, have started to H5 mobile game promotion, layout H5 channel. Regardless of the fact that the amount of large, pay is not bad, but due to the tyranny of the channel, but also increased the cost of the CP access channel SDK.

Thus, the predicament faced by H5 game is also obvious. The advantages of pure H5 promotion become smaller, the tracking of advertising effects is difficult, the market competition is more and more encouraging, and the technical costs are gradually increasing. These are the problems that we are faced with.

QuickSDK four sword

SDK for H5

Support automatic login, provide a perfect account system record player information, provide a quick payment system record player every order, so that the recharge costs are pockets for security.

H5 shell

Support H5 game packers, a fundamental change seconds APP. And according to operational need, direct play channel package, shelves all major channels to reduce CP access to technology.

Quick cloud customer service

Nested professional game customer service system, build players and game relationship chain, to establish a more friendly client relationship.

Advertising effectiveness tracking

Integration of major advertising platform SDK, listens to the voice of the data, optimize advertising effectiveness.

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