2017 Mobile Games Assembly Station Chengdu

QuickSDK | 2017-01-01 | 新闻动态

2017 Mobile Games Assembly Station (Chengdu)

     On April 14, the successful hand-crafted 2017 tour of Chengdu Station was successfully completed by QuickSDK in conjunction with the sound network. The six guests participating in this event are:


Game industry leader Yang Jian



The main plan Mu Xin

Chengdu Melaleuca Tower Technology Co., Ltd.

CEO Jiao Jun

Chengdu Silver Age Technology Co., Ltd.

Co-founder Bao Lingguo

Chengdu Hourglass Technology Co., Ltd.

CEO Zhao Jian

Chengdu Wind Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Product introduction director Zhang Ruoping

Now review the grand occasion of the event

       The event has not yet begun, the sign office has been crowded, we look forward to for a long time 2017 Mobile Games assembly station in Chengdu, is about to kick off.

    The same Q for everyone prepared a small gift waiting for everyone to recognize ~

The event is about to begin, and the venue has long been empty. We all look forward to guests who can bring us wonderful sharing.


The event officially started at 14:00 and the six guests brought a wonderful sharing.

 And conducted in-depth exchanges with the audience on the following four issues.

Real-time game voice has become the standard game.

Create a different point of view of the game IP.

How to do it during a full reshuffle.

Good game of spring is coming.

The company is located in.


       The atmosphere of the event was warm. After the guests had finished sharing the audiences raised their hands and asked questions from guests. The event was officially closed at 17:00 in the afternoon.

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