QuickSDK launches new product to create a full-stack solution for hand travel distribution services

QuickSDK | 2017-11-10 | 新闻动态


Recently, the major version of QuickSDK has been updated to integrate all aspects of the service involved in the issue and circulation of mobile game, providing an efficient full-stack solution for mobile game. The upgrade of this product also shows that QuickSDK, as the leader of the third-party service platform in the mobile game industry, continues to work hard in the industry.


Since its introduction into the market, QuickSDK has aggregated more than 600 channels SDKs, providing developers with unique speedy packaging tools and experiential and functional operational back-end management platforms. Adhering to the principles of good service, high efficiency, stable technology, into the fast product image service to developers. QuickSDK remains the leader in many competing products, but QuickSDK remains committed to exploring and maximizing the SDK aggregator services while providing deep insight into issues such as distribution, research and development, and operations, and better help with third-party services The entire industry to enhance efficiency, bringing good growth for gaming companies.

The release of this product, in addition to the existing product has been completely upgraded, but also introduced new features and services to form a complete mobile game distribution service product matrix. From the SDK aggregation, the official SDK system, the player relationship maintenance services, operational data platform four dimensions into the integration of the game package, SDK access, payment login system, customer service, operational data analysis, data mining and other services to the scientific Way to solve some of the key points of pain points, to help the majority of CP with very small cost to quickly build a sound and safe mobile games operating support system, will be more energy on the polished game.


Channel SDK Aggregation tools, the core product line of QuickSDK, has been at the leading edge of its class. Currently covering more than 600 channels at home and abroad, and maintain synchronization with the channel SDK updates. The original speed out of the package technology is once again upgrade, packaging speed compared to the 2.0 version again increased by 80%. This product upgrade, but also in the product function enough under the martial art, joined the Unreal 4 game engine support, but also the first to support Unreal 4 game engine support Aggregation SDK tools. Rely on integrated system architecture to support the game through SDK aggregation tools to integrate third-party advertising, statistics, sharing, push platform SDK, QuickSDK not only shield the differences between channels, to solve the problem of resource conflicts, but also to ensure that through the aggregation tool Game bag, 100% in all channels shelves.


In response to the big wave of domestic game going to see in the recent year, the rise of H5 games and the intense buying market, QuickSDK will rebuild the SDK account with its official account payment account. In addition to the standard official account and payment functions, it supports iOS, Android and H5, and other application platforms. H5 can be easily encapsulated into a micro-end, second change APP, and according to operational needs, direct play channel package, shelves all major channels to reduce access to CP technology; turn channel operation, access to a set of payment systems, to achieve More traffic realizes. Also joined the channel data tracking. Facebook operations access and other functions to meet different business needs, both quickly build their own official SDK platform, but also for the volume or game of the sea business.


With the development of the industry, mobile game will also pay more and more attention to experience, pay more and more attention to the service industry. We see more and more products for players to operate in depth, precision service trend. QuickSDK launches player maintenance system with tools to digitize and streamline game player services. Through game customer service system and intelligent self-help question-answering mechanism, QuickSDK precisely tracks functions of heavy players and players 'emoptional analysis, enabling game operators to understand players' true feelings and help the game to establish Friendly player relationship, improve service efficiency and quality, allowing players to better immersed in the game world, so as to get more benefits.


The data operation system is an important basic support system for the entire game operation process. It helps operators focus on the trend of game data, deeply excavate the game data and assist operational decision-making. QuickSDK data operation platform not only provides perfect basic operational data and data analysis, but also introduces the function of artificial intelligence built on artificial intelligence technology to predict the player's payment and loss, helping the operator to outline the player's portrait. The player directed to recall the player's function to elongate game player life cycle in the game; public opinion analysis function, analysis of the game in major channels, search engine market exposure, master the game market conditions.

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QuickSDK was founded in 2014 to provide omni-channel distribution solutions for mobile game. It has developed rapidly in three years and won the trust and support of many leading mobile handset manufacturers such as Interactive Planet, NetEase Games, hand travel to provide full channel distribution services, a handy travel industry third-party service platform leader. In 2017, it has covered more than 3,000 CP3s at the same time and provided a total of 5,000 starting-line technical supports for online hand-travel. Currently, QuickSDK focuses on third-party support technologies and product services such as distribution, operation and promotion of game, and is dedicated to providing developers across the world with a full stack solution for mobile game distribution.