QuickSDK official Tianfu Award 2017 Best Mobile Games Service Award

QuickSDK | 2017-09-25 | 新闻动态

QuickSDK official Tianfu Award

2017 Best Mobile Game Service Award


The 6th Global Game Developers Conference and Tianfu Award Gala, jointly sponsored by GMGC and Chengdu Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, will be held at Chengdu's main Marriott Hotel on November 2, 2017.

Tianfu Prize is an annual game field Festival founded by GMGC to award out the best products, enterprises and characters of the year for the game industry. The award is aimed at rewarding the professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the game industry with respect, enhance the competitiveness of Chinese game products, promote the continuous development of the overall market innovation. As a well-known mobile game third-party service company in China, QuickSDK officially signed up for the Tianfu Prize 2017 Best Mobile Game Service Provider Awards.

QuickSDK (Chengdu Jiyu Network Technology Co., Ltd.) is a service platform that offers solutions for global hand travel distribution. Through omni-channel distribution service, QuickGameSDK customization service, Quick cloud customer service and meticulous operation service solution, it saves R & D costs for hand travel distributors, improves distribution efficiency and increases gaming revenue. More than 5,000 mobile games have been undertaken globally via QuickSDK, including several hand-guided mobile companies. Uphold a key link, dedicated service purpose, QuickSDK will continue to help the healthy development of the global hand travel industry, and travel distribution to provide more professional, safe and stable global solution.