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On November 2, 2017 (Thursday), a hand-held trade exchange conference with the theme of "new capabilities, new cooperation and new services" co-sponsored by QuickSDK and China Mobile Internet Ltd. (Mobile MM) was held in Jinjiang District, Chengdu, Financial International E 7th Floor, E78coffee youth space was successfully held.

In addition to Zhan Kesheng, CEO of QuickSDK, a number of key guests including China Mobile Internet and Voice Network were invited to give keynote speeches to discuss the needs and trends of the future development of the mobile games industry with the audience.

E78coffee youth space venue

MM Star Program-

MM release of new policies

At the beginning of the event, Jiang Shan, from China Mobile Internet Co.,Ltd.,gave a speech as a moderator and delivered a keynote speech as guest. The MM Star Program of China Mobile has been introduced in detail from three aspects.

The first is refined operations, from the police, control, regulation and control of three areas for mobile MM products to provide operations.

Followed by its own channel flow diversion, China Mobile Internet has online channel resources, offline channel resources are quite rich, not only for the CP to provide the advantages of traffic, and access to external channels to support the joint operation, to achieve Maximize traffic.

Last but not least, the point-to-point service of hand docking ensures that each exceptional product is under a dedicated service.

He said MM Star's plan was "to be close to a market-oriented atmosphere, provide value-added services, integrate resources to support outstanding CPs, grow together with CPs and launch explosion-proof and high-quality products."

China Mobile Internet Co., Ltd. Jiang Shan

How to use third-party services to

 help hand travel distribution

Zhan Kesheng, CEO of QuickSDK, started with the status quod in the mobile game industry, detailing the convenience and importance of third-party services in hand-travel distribution.

He pointed out that the current global game industry market structure, the Chinese market accounted for a large proportion, and the Chinese market, there is a big monopoly situation.

So many small and medium-sized CP in order to gain a foothold in the market, need to receive a large number of channels to ensure traffic, and then channel SDK consume a lot of manpower and time cost has become a big problem, so SDK tools such as QuickSDK convergence.

However, with the continuous development of the market and the emergence of the homogenization of channel resources, the pure aggregation SDK tool no longer meets the requirements of the industry.

The industry-leading QuickSDK released a new version to resolve the problem of self-distribution CP to help CP maintain the relationship between the player and CP provide detailed data support.

Starting from the four dimensions of aggregation SDK tools, official SDK system, player maintenance system and operational data platform, it provides a full-stack solution for hand travel distribution.

He said that in the future, QuickSDK will continue to boost the healthy development of the global hand-travel industry and provide a more professional, secure and stable full-stack solution to the issue of key upstream and downstream nodes in hand-travel.

QuickSDK CEO Zhan Kesheng

Unified certification - 

mobile phone number in the ecosystem

Zhang Liyu from China Mobile Internet Co., Ltd. explained the four major functions of China Mobile's mobile phone number ecosystem.

The first is "a key to avoid landing", to provide users with key high-quality login experience, greatly improve the application registration / login link conversion rate.

The second is the "local number verification", the use of the application layer can not intercept the network layer number authentication ability to verify the authenticity of the number, eliminating the need for verification of SMS and other intermediate links, more secure and convenient calibration.

The third is the "second number query," a long time mobile phone number will be withdrawn and re-release number, triggering a series of account management problems, secondary number query can prevent secondary account login dispute, to protect the account experience security, to solve the old user data Asset leak problem.

The fourth is "anti-brush single warning", using the operator's unique real-time number library, network certification and ability to take the number of big data capabilities to help determine whether the application of false mobile phone account registration and login, reduce the chance of raising card refresh, so that products can Accurate marketing costs spent on real users.

According to Zhang Liyu, China Mobile will release two major functions of "mobile phone number + real name authentication" and "mobile phone number authentication + traffic increase and delivery" next month, which will provide users more value-added services that are more convenient and profitable.

China Mobile Internet Co., Ltd. Zhang Li

MM The new billing SDK dialysis

Zhang Lijuan from China Mobile Internet Co., Ltd. introduced the MM3.5.4 accounting SDK in detail.

First introduced the product optimization point, adjust the overall payment interface, add the slider to confirm the way to optimize the graphical verification method, optimizing page prompts, payment failure to return to other payment methods, enhance the user experience, to some extent, increase the conversion rate.

Secondly, the data overview is introduced. Based on the data, it can be seen that the strong online ordering of version 3.5.4 is conducive to application monitoring and reducing the risk of bad loans. The success rate of authentication is greatly improved, which helps improve the overall subscription conversion rate. SMS Check failure rate dropped 50%.

After the final notice of 3.5.4SDK, this year there will be three versions on the line, namely 3.5.7, 3.5.8 and 3.5.9, 3.5.7 only for testing, the release time is early November, November Early and early December ~ mid-term. Billing SDK on the latest developments can be concerned about the China Mobile MM Forum.

China Mobile Internet Co., Ltd. Zhang Lijuan

Mobile games real-time audio and video new experience

Wu Shenli, head of the game industry from the  Agora, introduced the necessity of AMG2.0 hand-travel real-time audio and video in the mobile game industry.

Starting from the typical scenario of a mobile game, taking the traditional mahjong chess, competitive chess, werewolf killing and the most fire-grasping doll as an example, it reflects the need for real-time audio and video for the mobile game industry.

It explains that real-time audio and video can bring more possibilities to the game, enhance the game efficiency and host the content itself; enhance user experience and restore face-to-face interaction; provide differentiated competitive advantages and increase revenue; increase stickiness and enhance retention; Enhance the fairness of the game.

AMG2.0 core experience to fast access, service stability, automatic expansion, the overall monitoring of the four main areas, and to the lowest impact, focus on quality, born for the game design concept, the user experience will continue to optimize for the game with To play more games to meet the needs of players constantly updated to promote the sound development of the entire gaming industry.

Agora game industry leader Wu Shenli

The conference attracted companies from all over the country, including R & D, distribution, channels, third parties and other fields, and the wonderful sharing of five guests won the unanimous praise of participants. After the meeting, the spectators held in-depth exchanges and held discussions on cooperation with each other, and the atmosphere was warm.

QuickSDK, China Mobile and Voice Network Although each in the mobile game industry, its responsibility, but all for the same goal, to help more excellent products available, the mobile game industry can develop better and better.

meeting venue

Zhan Kesheng, Jiang Shan, Wu Shenli, Zhang Liyu, Zhang Lijuan (from right to left)

The QuickSDK and China Mobile co-sponsored the "new capabilities and new cooperation in new services" mobile game industry exchange will be conducted nationwide tour.

The conference theme will be the direction of the game, including hand travel, distribution, IP, video linkage, big data, advertising, overseas, channel docking, VR, mobile terminals, smart, billing and so on.

Apart from Chengdu, the exchange will involve cities in 9 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan and Xiamen.


Other cities hold time to be determined, so stay tuned.

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